The beginning of the 21st century was a time of active development of next generation technologies. This new era led in 2005 to the founding of Duran Lubricants & Chemicals GmbH as a subsidiary of a large producer of lubricants in Germany.

Our product portfolio offers motor oil, transmission fluids, hydraulic and industrial oils, as well as greases, brake fluid, windscreen cleaner and antifreeze agents.

We review the selection of our suppliers with exacting care. Therefore, we only use raw materials from experienced, reliable and internationally renowned partners to manufacture our products.

The oil refining process takes place in special manufacturing plants that guarantee the highest quality product output. The constant high quality of the products is guaranteed by continual monitoring in certified laboratories.

Reliability, professionalism, efficiency and flexibility are the basic principles and the philosophy of our company.

Marketing communications and public relations have top priority at Duran Lubricants & Chemicals GmbH. Constant observation of the market ensures the joint success and satisfaction of our customers.

The concept of our brand FOSSER is based on two fundamental themes:

1. Products are always developed by taking into account the requirements of various countries, such as climatic conditions and the diverse needs of potential customers.

2. The strategy of the FOSSER brand is characterized by constant dynamic growth and high-speed movement.

These themes reflect not only the characteristics of the FOSSER brand, but also the rapidly expanding market for our products. Embodying the active lifestyle of determined and successful people, sports images convey an important advertising message for our company.

Duran Lubricants & Chemicals GmbH, the reliable partner for you and your company!